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Sales & Networking

People you meet Networking.

In Sales & NetworkingLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed arcu massa, dapibus sit amet elit auctor, pharetra pharetra metus. Aliquam dolor odio, faucibus id volutpat a, ornare id diam. Nulla tempus porttitor mi id vehicula. Curabitur at...

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Guerrillapedia: Dimensions

In BrandingLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed arcu massa, dapibus sit amet elit auctor, pharetra pharetra metus. Aliquam dolor odio, faucibus id volutpat a, ornare id diam. Nulla tempus porttitor mi id vehicula. Curabitur at nunc in arcu...

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Artist of The Month!

Thomas Zuber : Navigating the Abstract Waters of Art and Identity

When you think of thriving art communities, big cities like New York or San Francisco might come to mind. But nestled in the smaller, unassuming town of Goshen, Indiana, there’s a bustling hub of creativity that’s home to artists who could easily grace the galleries of any metropolis. It’s here, in this unexpected sanctuary for the arts, that we find Thomas Zuber, a local abstract artist charting his own distinct course.

Restaurant of The Month!

Savoring the Sweet Life: Inside Buchanan’s Café Italiano

In the heart of Buchanan, MI, Café Italiano at the Sweet Shop stands as a testament to transformation and tradition. Joe Paolucci and Thomas Hitchcock have reimagined a local landmark that began as a sweet shop in 1947. When these Chicago attorneys began renovating buildings in 2006, they never dreamed they would one day run a successful restaurant. Café Italiano opened in November 2021, bringing authentic Italian flavors to the community. Today, they welcome guests into a dining experience that blends the town’s rich heritage with the vibrant tastes of Italy.


Growth Strategies
Marketing & Advertising

In The Beginning…

Inspiring Stories. Massive Growth.

In this inspiring series, we will follow the story of two entrepreneurs who have experienced massive success and growth from the start of their endeavors. Engage and learn as they share their firsthand experiences on their journey to success. You will get a real-time, behind-the-scenes account of how they scale their companies at an impressive rate.

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Business Magazine in South Bend, IN

Small Business Showcase Magazine is a high-quality, exclusive business magazine in South Bend, IN that focuses on small businesses – the power force of our economy. We highlight small business success stories and insights so that small businesses can grow and learn from each other.

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Small Business Magazine Focused on Small Business Success and Growth

Small Business Showcase Magazine highlights the structures and processes that other small businesses can teach us to apply to our own businesses. We strive to showcase how the small businesses in our country greatly contribute to our growing economy and how we can help them grow further.

The Small Business Magazine

Our magazine is a small businessman magazine in that we focus many of our articles on how small businesses succeed in industries where larger companies often thrive and even dominate. Through sound tactics, strategy, and execution, small businesses can carve out their own piece of the success pie and be a shining light to other small businesses.

Online South Bend Magazine

Our South Bend magazine is an online magazine that focuses on entrepreneurship and giving small business owners a voice, resources, and support to help grow and achieve long-lasting success.

Our goal is to provide immense value and support to those who either own a small business or are thinking of venturing into entrepreneurship.

Contact us to learn more about our magazine, our team, and how we can help to support you in your small business.