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Guerrillapedia: Dimensions

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Deb Ammerman - Small Business Showcase Magazine

Andy Garza

Guerrillapedia - Dimensions

In the previously featured issue, I concluded the two-part series on Guerrilla Marketing mindset.

This current installment explores the second component of the five: dimensions. While traditional marketing often remains two-dimensional, focusing on sight and sound, we examine the innovative three-dimensional approach to Marketing. Specifically, we delve into the power of personification – whether through a mascot, spokesperson, or personifying a product. This technique influences consumers by linking the face of your company with a superior product or service.

Let’s highlight some successful examples. The iconic Ronald McDonald has achieved household recognition. Another standout is the Geico gecko with its fascinating backstory. The personification of M&M’s candies into humorous characters has also been a notable success. However, there have been missteps. Burger King’s eerie paper Mâché mini King failed to resonate as intended. Additionally, Taco Bell faced challenges with their Chihuahua mascot, ultimately phasing it out due to concerns of racial insensitivity. Notably, the AT&T girl, Lily, became a successful sales representative for the company with her charm and impeccable comedic timing.

The key takeaway is to ensure the personification aligns seamlessly with your product or service to resonate with your target audience.

In the upcoming issue, we will explore the impact of senses in marketing strategies.

Andy Garza is well known as the Guru of Guerilla Marketing. He has over 30 years of experience using Guerilla Marketing to launch 4 businesses. Andy has also reached top-level sales status in 4 different industries including Flooring, Auto, Furniture, and Senior Financial Planning.

Presently the President and CEO of Big Gorilla Sales and Marketing Training, Andy has become a sought-after speaker for entrepreneurial groups, including a featured speaker for Notre Dame’s Entrepreneurship and Adversity Program as well as his own training seminars in both Marketing and Guerilla Sales.

Andy has extensive experience in Magazine Publishing having owned New Homeowners Guide and Senior Financial Digest. Now one of the Founding Partners and the President of Small Business Showcase.

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