Guerrillapedia – Mindset Part 2

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Andy Garza

Gail Savick - Owner The Blanket Hog.

Guerrillapedia – Mindset 2

In our recent issue, we delved into the importance of adopting the Guerrilla Marketing Mindset, a powerful approach that every savvy business owner should embrace. Today, we’re going to explore how this mindset, starting at the top, can shape the destiny of your business and elevate it to new heights.

As a business owner, your mindset is the driving force that sets the tone for your entire organization. The Guerrilla Marketing philosophy emphasizes that the mindset you embody will inevitably be mirrored by every individual within your company. It all starts with you, the captain of the ship.

Attitude, as they say, is everything. Your perspective on your business becomes the lens through which your employees view their roles. Your attitude becomes contagious, influencing the entire atmosphere of your workplace.

Actions speak louder than words, especially in the dynamic realm of business. Your actions, decisions, and strategies become the guiding light for your team. The Guerrilla Marketing approach underlines that your business practices will be mirrored by your employees, emphasizing the importance of leading by example.

Effective utilization of marketing opportunities is another crucial aspect highlighted by the Guerrilla Marketing Mindset. Your ability to seize every available chance for promotion sets the tone for your team’s approach. Your employees will follow suit, capitalizing on marketing opportunities that arise throughout their daily activities.

The power of a Guerrilla Marketer lies in their consistent, all-in attitude towards recognizing and leveraging marketing opportunities. Every interaction, whether it be a phone call, a delivery, an installation, a product sale, or a service call, presents an opportunity for subtle, yet impactful marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing is not about being overly aggressive; instead, it thrives on careful planning and execution. It’s about turning every encounter into a chance to promote your brand without being pushy. While there are tactics that may employ shock and awe, the essence of Guerrilla Marketing is in its subtlety and strategic planning.

The mind, as a potent tool, plays a pivotal role in harnessing the full potential of the Guerrilla Marketing Mindset. When understood and embraced, this mindset becomes a catalyst for other effective tactics. In our next issue, we will delve into these tactics, unveiling a comprehensive guide to help businesses thrive in the dynamic landscape of Guerrilla Marketing. Stay tuned for the strategic insights that will transform the way you approach marketing in your business.

Andy Garza is well known as the Guru of Guerilla Marketing. He has over 30 years of experience using Guerilla Marketing to launch 4 businesses. Andy has also reached top-level sales status in 4 different industries including Flooring, Auto, Furniture, and Senior Financial Planning.

Presently the President and CEO of Big Gorilla Sales and Marketing Training, Andy has become a sought-after speaker for entrepreneurial groups, including a featured speaker for Notre Dame’s Entrepreneurship and Adversity Program as well as his own training seminars in both Marketing and Guerilla Sales.

Andy has extensive experience in Magazine Publishing having owned New Homeowners Guide and Senior Financial Digest. Now one of the Founding Partners and the President of Small Business Showcase.

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