Exclusive Interview With Doors and Drawers Inc. Founder, Mark Botts – A Leap Of Faith Turns Into Lifelong Business

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October 16, 2023

Mark Botts is the Owner of Doors and Drawers Inc., a family-owned business that has been operating since 1978. Discover how Mark built his business from the ground up with his family alonside him every step of the way.

kitchen designed by Doors and Drawers Inc. featured in Small Business Showcase Magazine
kitchen designed by Doors and Drawers Inc. featured in Small Business Showcase.

In the heart of a church furniture factory, a 14-year-old Mark Botts embarked on a journey that would shape not only his career but also his values. Working alongside his father, Mark acquired invaluable woodworking skills and business acumen. However, the most enduring lesson he learned was the importance of a strong work ethic, instilled through years of sweat and sawdust. This father-son partnership soon evolved into a cherished Botts family tradition, one that Mark would pass on to his three sons in the years to come.

  It was within the walls of this church furniture factory that Mark first caught wind of a revolutionary technique, a technique that would later serve as the cornerstone of his entrepreneurial endeavors. Little did he know that an untested innovation awaited him, one that would reshape the cabinet industry’s landscape. This innovation involved cabinet resurfacing, a method that breathed new life into old cabinets without the need for costly replacements, a game-changer in the realm of kitchens and bathrooms. Taking a leap of faith, driven by a bedrock of confidence, Mark ushered in the cabinet resurfacing process, paving the way for what would become Doors & Drawers.

 With a successful business of his own, Mark found not only professional satisfaction but also personal joy in working alongside his wife, forging a partnership that has thrived for over 45 years.

Doors and Drawers family - Mark Botts featured in Small Business Showcase Magazine

The “All in the family” model became a linchpin of Mark’s success, not just in business but in life itself.

  Yet, like any business journey, Doors & Drawers faced its fair share of trials and tribulations. Mark aspired to expand by opening a new location and wholesaling products to similar businesses across the nation. However, these ventures were far from smooth sailing, each laden with its unique set of challenges. And then there was the perennial hurdle of finding skilled installation contractors, a challenge that endures to this day.

Through the years, the Botts family weathered countless storms, holding dear to their “Family First” mantra, which continues to support Doors & Drawers’ enduring success. As Mark approaches retirement, he does so with unwavering confidence in his three sons, knowing that they have been primed to inherit the torch. Their tireless work ethic, honed through generations of family dedication, promises a bright future for Doors & Drawers, ensuring that the legacy of hard work, craftsmanship, and family values will endure for generations to come.

Doors and Drawers family - Mark Botts featured in Small Business Showcase Magazine

Mark Botts is pictured with his wife and their 3 sons.

If you would like to learn more about Doors and Drawers visit their website at www.doorsanddrawersinc.com or find them on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/DoorsAndDrawers.

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