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Beyond the Ledger- How Correct Property Tax is Changing the Game for Homeowners

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Eleni Owens

The Evolution of Correct Property Tax

Beth Szweda’s journey in the property tax field began in 1987, marking the start of an extensive career that spanned both sides of the tax equation. Initially, her role in an assessor’s office was a means to support her college education, but it set the foundation for her future endeavors. Climbing through the ranks, Beth later transitioned to a pivotal role with Lake County, focusing on commercial property tax savings, which sharpened her skills and deepened her commitment to advocating for property owners.

The path to independence wasn’t straightforward. An initial attempt to establish her own firm faced obstacles, notably the challenge of securing health insurance while planning for motherhood, leading her back to a more stable position with the county. It wasn’t until 2009, with the advent of the healthcare marketplace, that Beth saw a viable pathway to revisit her entrepreneurial aspirations. This development enabled her to launch Correct Property Tax, aiming not only to start a business but to fundamentally transform the interaction between property owners and the tax system.  Correct Property Tax, and its innovative services, cemented Beth’s place in the Indiana property tax sphere.

Filling an Unmet Need

Beth identified a crucial gap in the property tax industry: services tailored not just to commercial clients but to the average homeowner as well. Observing that homeowners often lacked the expertise to challenge their tax assessments, Beth saw an opportunity to innovate. Her approach went beyond the conventional focus of her field, directly addressing the needs of individual property owners.

This innovative step was not just about offering a new service; it was about empowering a demographic that had previously been underserved in the realm of property tax advocacy. Beth’s commitment to extending her expertise to homeowners marked a significant shift, setting Correct Property Tax apart as a pioneer in making property tax consultation accessible and understandable to all.

Her extensive experience on both sides of the property tax equation makes Beth uniquely qualified. Through nurturing relationships with county assessors across Indiana and engaging in continuing education and networking events, she has deepened her understanding of the assessment process. This comprehensive insight into both the challenges faced by assessors and the strategies to advocate for her clients significantly enhances her effectiveness in appeals hearings. Her dual perspective informs her approach, ensuring that she navigates the complexities of the tax system to secure the best outcomes for her clients.

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Opportunities

Beth Szweda’s journey with Correct Property Tax has been marked by significant challenges and strategic responses. Managing the flow of cash within her business, especially during off-peak seasons, has been a major hurdle. Beth has countered this by planning for periods of reduced cash flow, a crucial strategy given the seasonal nature of property tax work. She emphasizes the need to “make hay while the sun shines,” capitalizing on busy periods to sustain the business year-round. Interestingly, this seasonality also provides a welcome break during the winter holidays, allowing her time to rest and recharge.

Early on, a major challenge was the inability to offer health insurance to employees, a common issue for small businesses. The advent of the health insurance marketplace was a turning point, enabling Beth to focus on her entrepreneurial vision without sacrificing her or her employees’ health coverage. This change has not only benefited her but also contributed to a broader trend of small business growth in recent years.

Marketing Correct Property Tax presents another challenge, particularly in maintaining a positive relationship with tax assessors. Beth navigates this by leveraging news cycles, especially during times of high property tax bills, to gain publicity in a manner that respects the work of assessors and avoids positioning her business in opposition to them. This careful balance of advocacy and respect has been key to her marketing strategy and overall success.

Adapting and Thriving Through Change

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges, yet it also marked a turning point for Beth Szweda and Correct Property Tax. Recognizing the shifting landscape, Beth swiftly adapted, developing an online portal that allowed clients to apply for services remotely. This innovation was particularly timely, as the pandemic restricted in-person visits to assessors’ offices and overwhelmed phone systems. Beth’s foresight and technological savvy enabled her business to not only continue operations but also to thrive, expanding her client base to include more homeowners alongside her commercial clientele.

The transition to remote work proved equally beneficial, reducing overhead costs, and demonstrating that her team could work effectively from anywhere. This adaptability was crucial during a time of great uncertainty and allowed Correct Property Tax to provide uninterrupted support to its clients.

Among the most gratifying aspects of her work, Beth highlights the assistance provided to elderly clients, who may struggle with advocating for themselves. The ability to help those in need, particularly when they have nowhere else to turn, underscores the broader impact of her business. For Beth, the mission of Correct Property Tax transcends financial savings; it’s about empowering individuals and ensuring equitable access to advocacy within the property tax system.

Expanding Horizons While Staying Grounded

Beth’s future vision for Correct Property Tax emphasizes growth with a core principle of community focus. She is intent on expanding the reach within Indiana, leveraging technology to serve more people efficiently without transforming into a vast, impersonal national corporation. Her commitment to her community drives this vision, aiming to maintain the personal touch and effectiveness that define her service. By enhancing collaborations with assessors and utilizing technology, Beth plans to make property tax consultation more accessible, always keeping the goal of serving her community at the forefront of her expansion efforts.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom

Beth’s journey underscores the power of perseverance, especially during challenging times. She believes that the most significant successes often follow the toughest periods, demonstrating resilience. Beth also highlights that success doesn’t solely depend on formal education. Instead, tapping into local resources like South Bend’s Innovation Lab, the Small Business Administration, and other community support systems can be pivotal. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to learn independently and seek mentorship by reaching out to established business owners for insights. According to Beth, personal initiative and leveraging community resources are key to overcoming obstacles and achieving entrepreneurial success.

For those interested in learning more about Beth Szweda’s work or seeking her property tax services, you can visit her website at or follow her on Facebook at Beth’s dedication to her clients is well-regarded as you can see by testimonials that praise Beth’s effectiveness and even call her “Magic,” highlighting the exceptional results and service she provides.

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