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Building your Network, Increase your Credibility

Sales & Networking | 0 comments

Kathy Hoover

How Confident are you when connecting others? Do you actively seek connections for other business owners? If you don’t, you are missing a valuable Relationship Building, Credibility Building tool in your toolbox.

One of my goals when I first began Networking, was to build a group of trusted professionals that I could refer my clients to as needs arose. During conversations with Clients we all have those moments in which they share a frustration point or need they have besides the one you are there to provide. It feels great to refer them to someone I know that will take care of their needs just like I would. When the match is made, your credibility level increases in the mind of your client and the other business professional you shared business with. It is a risk to be sure, unless you are 100% positive and sure of the Business Owners Character, philosophy and services.

So why don’t we refer to other businesses?

  1. We don’t know enough about them and it is a risk
  2. We are unsure of the services they provide or the products they sell
  3. We simply don’t keep others at the forefront of our mind.
  4. We are too busy attempting to “sell” our products or services
  5. We have not invested time in building a strong network of referral partners.

Here is a strategy to begin building that Network:

  1. Determine the businesses that you “rub” shoulders with on a regular basis. Those businesses that also serve the clients you serve.
  2. Map out a strategy to meet with them regularly over lunch, coffee and invest time in getting to know them better. Find out what their goals are and what type of client is their ideal client.

What is their growth plan?

  1. How can you help? What could you look for to help them grow their business? Do you have cards or literature that I may pass along to a prospective client?

This is the beginning of a beautiful, life long partnership in business.

“It’s easier to take than to give.  It’s nobler to give than to take.  The thrill of taking lasts a day. The thrill of giving lasts a lifetime.” – Joan Marques

Kathy Hoover
Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay, Inc. Director Consultant Northern Indiana Region of BNI
Kathy’s Connection Hub: Email:

Kathy has traveled the world to begin businesses for others. She is an experienced Sales Director with over 35 years of experience in Finance, Marketing, Business Management, Inventory Management and is a CEO of her Mary Kay Organization. She leads teams of women and men in both her Consultant Roles and coaches them to success. She is highly skilled in Interpersonal/ Public Communications, Teaching, Sales, Retail, Business Coaching, Skin Care, and Color Applications. She is also a sought after arts and design professional with numerous professional certifications and awards. Kathy enjoys giving back to the community. She has been instrumental in building an Adult Day Care program from the ground up that is still in operation today, serving as a volunteer, Board President and Fundraiser. She has worked with the Optimist Organization as well as mission trips.

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