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Meet Gail Savick: From Nomadic Beginnings To A Michiana Staple

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Gail and Steve Stavick embarked on a remarkable journey that would forever shape their lives. Setting aside any doubts, they sold all their possessions with the intention of starting fresh in the enchanting paradise of Hawaii. Though their dreams of island life did not come to fruition, they remained undeterred in the face of a pivotal crossroad.

Gail Savick - Owner The Blanket Hog.

 Serendipity intervened when Gail and Steve stumbled upon a warehouse brimming with exquisite, custom blankets. The irresistible opportunity to share these cozy creations with the world propelled them to seize the moment and establish their own venture – The Blanket Hog.

 Initially, The Blanket Hog operated as a seasonal pop-up business, which quickly garnered substantial success. Encouraged by their achievements, Gail and Steve embarked on an adventurous endeavor to explore different locations. Their journey began in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, followed by prosperous ventures in Richmond, VA, Champagne, IL, and Rockford, IL. Each location spanned six months, with the remaining six months dedicated to attending trade shows to complement their seasonal presence in malls.

 However, life had further surprises in store for the enterprising duo. A sudden curveball materialized when Steve fell ill, demanding substantial treatment and recovery time. Yet, determined to persevere, they confronted yet another crossroad. Opting to establish their shop at the U.P. Mall in Mishawaka, Indiana, where they could rely on the support of their caring family, Gail shouldered the responsibility of managing the store while Steve concentrated on regaining his health.

The Blanket Hog - Holiday Blankets and more.
The Blanket Hog - Shirts
The Blaket Hog - Explore a wide range of gift ideas.

  As they settled into the welcoming Mishawaka community, Gail and Steve nurtured their newfound home. In pursuit of growth and expansion, they diversified their product line and cultivated a formidable online presence. Alongside their cherished blankets, The Blanket Hog began offering personalized metalworks, sports-themed yard signs, and fully customized cornhole game boards. The triumph they experienced at the U.P. Mall became the catalyst for transforming their enterprise into a year-round business, occupying a more expansive and impressive location than ever before.

  Today, The Blanket Hog beckons visitors at the U.P. Mall, where an array of personalized blankets and an abundance of delightful products await discovery. Gail and Steve’s journey, from their adventurous beginnings to becoming an adored establishment in Michiana, stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment, resilience, and the boundless passion they inject into bringing comfort and joy to others.

  Within the walls of The Blanket Hog, a heartfelt craftsmanship and personalized details enlivens every cherished keepsake, radiating warmth and fostering cherished memories. Whether you step through their physical store doors or immerse yourself in their online realm, you’ll encounter the genuine care and dedication infused into each and every item.

  Therefore, venture into The Blanket Hog at the U.P. Mall and allow Gail and Steve to guide you through a realm of customized blankets and a treasure trove of delightful offerings. Let their story inspire you to embrace unexpected odysseys, find solace amidst challenges, and create enduring moments of joy.

The Blanket Hog - Gifts for all ages
The Blanket Hog - Sport Themed Gifts

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