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Written by Andy Garza


Welcome to the Guerrillapedia, where the mindset is the bedrock, the very circuitry that powers every facet of guerrilla marketing. I often liken it to the motherboard of all business strategies—it encompasses the entirety of your enterprise, from the visual appeal of your establishment to the intricate workings that include every team member, especially yourself.

Gail Savick - Owner The Blanket Hog.

Stepping into any business, I swiftly gauge its mindset. I anticipate a barrage of marketing cues—a symphony of company signs, logos, and where fitting, the attire of employees adorned with the brand’s identity. These

elements should coalesce into a seamless portrayal of your business. Your sanctuary, your first impression, should exude the pride you have in your company.

However, there have been instances where I’ve entered a business and found myself adrift, uncertain if I was in the right place. No signs, no logos on attire, no indication of their identity through business cards or marketing materials—a missed opportunity to captivate a potential client or customer. Each of these instances represents a chance, or regrettably, a missed chance to market your brand. The fundamental aim of marketing is twofold: establish your identity and etch your company’s name into the minds of people.

Guerrilla marketing teems with tactics to achieve this, but it all commences with the fundamental notion that every facet surrounding your business is an avenue for marketing. Seize as many of these opportunities as possible. Overlooking too many occasions translates to feeble brand recognition and consequently, a loss in market share.

In our forthcoming issue, we’ll delve deeper into these “mindset” opportunities, exploring ways to harness them for maximum impact. Stay tuned as we unravel the strategies that revolve around nurturing the very essence of guerrilla marketing—the mindset.

Written by Andy Garza

In the subsequent issues, I’ll be exploring the different aspects of Guerrilla Marketing, starting with Guerrillapedia, the definitions pertinent to Guerilla Marketing. Our first entry is mindset…

Andy Garza is well known as the Guru of Guerrilla Marketing. He has over 30 years of experience using Guerrilla Marketing to launch 4 businesses. Andy has also reached top-level sales status in 4 different industries including Flooring, Auto, Furniture, and Senior Financial Planning. Presently the President and CEO of Big Gorilla Sales and Marketing Training, Andy has become a sought-after speaker for entrepreneurial groups, including a featured speaker for Notre Dame’s Entrepreneurship and Adversity Program as well as his own training seminars in both Marketing and Guerrilla Sales. Andy has extensive experience in Magazine Publishing having owned New Homeowners Guide and Senior Financial Digest. Now one of the Founding Partners and the President of Small Business Showcase.

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