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Inside the Eye of the Storm with Chandler Bos

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As I sat down with Chandler Bos, one of the founders of the Michigan Storm Chasers, I couldn’t help but feel the electric excitement that comes with talking about chasing the heart of a storm. In Michigan, where the weather can swing from serene to severe in the blink of an eye, this group of dedicated weather enthusiasts has carved out a unique niche. They’re not just chasing storms for the adrenaline rush; they’re on a mission to inform, educate, and protect their community. With a blend of passion for meteorology and a commitment to public service, Chandler and his team have built a following that looks to them not just for weather updates but for a sense of security amidst nature’s unpredictability. Let’s dive into a conversation that uncovers the drive, the adventure, and the camaraderie at the core of the Michigan Storm Chasers.

Q: Let’s dive right in. What inspired the five of you to start chasing storms?

A: It all began with our shared fascination for Michigan’s unpredictable weather. Each person on the team brought a unique interest in meteorology, and together, we saw an opportunity to turn our passion into something that could genuinely benefit our community. We set up a FB page for Michiana Storm Chasers in the fall of 2022, but it was a Blizzard around Christmas of that year that gave us the push to launch into this with full force. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the National Weather Service and the questions that people have about their local weather, and we do this by bringing as much knowledge and information to the general public as quickly and accurately as possible.

Q: Storm chasing sounds intense. What does a typical chase day look like for you?

A: It starts with meticulous planning. We monitor weather patterns days in advance, and when a potential storm is on the horizon, we strategize our approach. Since we all work other jobs, we have to adjust our days off so that we can be prepared for the storm. We will send a team out to cover what is happening in real-time while one person stays back to host the stream and keep track of what is happening. Safety and precision are our top priorities, ensuring we’re in the right place at the right time to capture the storm’s essence without putting ourselves in unnecessary danger.

Q: You’ve built quite the following on social media. How has this impacted your venture?

A: We’ve focused a lot of attention on building a community on FB, and we’re slowly integrating Twitter and YouTube into our process as well. Our online community has been instrumental. We’ve grown to over 90,000 dedicated followers in a short period, and we want to ensure we are giving them the most accurate and necessary information that we can. It’s not just about sharing storm footage; it’s a two-way conversation. We provide live updates and safety information, and in return, we receive incredible support and engagement. It’s a powerful tool for education and has helped us reach more people than we ever thought possible.

Q: Balancing this passion with personal lives must be challenging. How do you manage?

A: It’s a juggling act. We all have day jobs and personal commitments, but we’re united by our dedication to this venture. We rely heavily on each other, stepping in when someone needs to step back, and ensuring the team always functions effectively.  None of this would be possible if we weren’t united in our passion for meteorology and helping our community.

Q: Can you share a moment where you felt your work truly made a difference?

A: A standout moment was during a significant tornado outbreak. Our live coverage provided real-time updates that many relied on for safety. Hearing feedback from the community about how our work helped them prepare and stay safe was incredibly rewarding. It reinforced the value of what we do.  We also love getting to work with kids in the community.  We often bring them into a broadcast meteorology station to see the inside of a newsroom and show them how our vehicles are rigged for storm chasing.  We even participate in local parades, which is especially fun.

Q: What’s the biggest misconception about storm chasing?

A: Many assume it’s all about the adrenaline rush, but there’s so much more. It’s about understanding weather patterns and educating the community.  Safety and education are at the forefront of our mission. We rely on our team, the wealth of knowledge that we’ve collected, and the latest and greatest technology to provide us with that safety.  Storm chasing alone is ok, but storm chasing with my team is where the magic happens.

Q: Looking forward, what are the goals of Michigan Storm Chasers?

A: When severe weather strikes, communities need help and support to rebuild anything that’s damaged.  Our big goal for the future is to start a foundation or charity to be able to help with that.  For now, we try to partner with disaster relief organizations to direct donations locally and nationwide; anywhere affected by severe weather. We’re focused on expanding our educational outreach, particularly with kids, to spark interest in meteorology and safety awareness. We also aim to enhance our live coverage capabilities to provide even more comprehensive updates during severe weather events. Perhaps someday we will have an Indiana Storm Chasers or even an Ohio Storm Chasers. Our mission is to keep growing as a resource for our community and beyond.

Q: Any advice for aspiring storm chasers?

A: Start with education. Understand the science behind the weather and prioritize safety above all else. We have a list of some great websites to get you started on our site under the Weather Resources tab. Don’t forget, it’s about more than just the thrill; it’s about the impact you can make on others’ lives through information and education.

Stay Connected and Support Michigan Storm Chasers

Wrapping up my chat with Chandler Bos from Michigan Storm Chasers, it’s clear this group is all about community and sharing crucial weather insights. They’re not just chasing storms; they’re helping us all stay safe and informed. Check out their Facebook page where they share everything from storm prep tips to cool facts about the Northern Lights. But don’t just scroll through—like, comment, and share their posts. Your engagement helps spread important info and supports the growth of this amazing community. Follow Michigan Storm Chasers on Facebook to be part of the conversation!

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