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LifeSaver Simplified- Mercie May’s Strategic Vision for Empowering Small Businesses

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Eleni Owens

LifeSaver Simplified, founded by Mercie May, stands out as a beacon for small businesses struggling with human resources (HR) challenges. With nearly two decades of entrepreneurial and HR experience, Mercie understands the multifaceted roles small business owners juggle daily. Her venture offers a unique solution by providing flexible, cost-effective HR consulting services tailored to the needs of small businesses, particularly in the Michiana area.

Q&A with Mercie May

Q: Can you tell us about your journey to start LifeSaver Simplified? 

A: My journey began from my own experiences as a small business owner. The constant struggle to balance daily operations with HR responsibilities pushed me to create LifeSaver Simplified. I wanted to offer support to other business owners, helping them manage HR tasks efficiently without the need for a full-time HR professional.

Q: What sets LifeSaver Simplified apart from other HR consulting services? 

A: One of the key advantages of LifeSaver Simplified is my ability to maintain low overhead costs. This strategic approach allows me to offer competitive pricing without compromising the quality of my services. By minimizing my expenses, I can pass these savings directly to my clients, making my HR consulting services more affordable and accessible. My transparent pricing structure is designed to ensure that businesses can benefit from my expertise while maintaining a cost-effective approach to managing their human resources. It’s all about providing value where it’s most needed, ensuring that small businesses can thrive even with limited resources.

Q: Is there a more personal motivation for starting this business? 

A: My biggest inspiration comes from my two daughters. I wanted to create a venture that not only fulfills a market need but also sets an example for them about the importance of hard work, innovation, and contributing positively to our community. Starting LifeSaver Simplified was about building a legacy and ensuring I can provide for my daughters, showing them that it’s possible to balance entrepreneurship with family life and make a meaningful impact.

Q: What challenges have you faced launching a new business, and how have you addressed them?

A: Launching LifeSaver Simplified was indeed a significant challenge, particularly as a solo founder. My initial focus was on growing my client base, which involves getting the word out about the business. Marketing a new business in a niche market requires creative strategies and leveraging every possible network to reach potential clients. I’ve been actively engaging with local business communities, participating in networking events, and utilizing social media to increase my visibility. These efforts are gradually building LifeSaver Simplified’s reputation as a reliable and essential HR partner for small businesses.

Q: As a new business, do you have any success stories you can share?

A: While LifeSaver Simplified is in the early stages, my collaboration with Indiana’s Elite Cleaning is a testament to the impact of my business. My proactive approach and comprehensive support have been highly appreciated. Interestingly, it was Aleks, the owner of Indiana’s Elite Cleaning, who encouraged me to take the leap with LifeSaver Simplified. He recognized the value of my HR expertise and believed it could benefit others. His encouragement was a significant factor in my decision to offer my knowledge as a specialized service, highlighting the importance of community and mutual support among small businesses.

Q: Can you share more about your entrepreneurial journey? 

A: My first experience as an entrepreneur was at the young age of 19 when I opened a pizza place. This venture sparked my passion for entrepreneurship, leading me to explore various industries. Alongside running Embassy Coffee with my husband, I’ve also ventured into massage therapy and event planning. Each business taught me invaluable lessons about resilience, innovation, and the importance of community engagement. These experiences have shaped my approach to LifeSaver Simplified, infusing it with a breadth of knowledge and a deep understanding of different business needs.

Q: How do you engage with your customers, and how has their feedback influenced the direction of your business?

A: Engagement with potential clients has been an eye-opener for me. Initially, I didn’t anticipate that the primary need for many small businesses would be policy development, such as creating employee handbooks and establishing safety processes. This feedback was unexpected but invaluable, as it highlighted a critical area where small businesses require support. Consequently, while I offer a range of services from recruiting to payroll, and employee engagement, I’ve seen a significant lean towards my policy and training programs. It’s an area I particularly enjoy, and it’s gratifying to know it’s making a tangible difference for my clients.

Q: Beyond the current services offered, do you have any plans to expand your support for small businesses in the Michiana area? 

A: Absolutely. One of my major goals is to empower even more small businesses by finding grants that would allow me to offer my HR consulting services for free to those who qualify. I believe that by removing financial barriers, I can help these businesses focus on their growth and success, contributing to a healthier local economy. It’s about making professional HR assistance accessible to all, ensuring that every small business has the opportunity to thrive.

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

A: The key piece of advice I’d offer is the importance of building a team. It’s something my husband and I found challenging, as we relied mostly on each other. Having a team allows you to leverage diverse strengths and perspectives, which is crucial for growth and avoiding the tunnel vision that comes from being deeply involved in day-to-day operations. Additionally, creating a detailed business plan and setting a clear vision are essential. Opportunities will arise that may distract you; without a clear direction, it’s easy to veer off course, wasting time and resources on paths that don’t align with your business goals.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future for Small Businesses

Mercie May’s LifeSaver Simplified offers a lifeline to small businesses navigating the complexities of HR management. Her dedication to empowering small business owners and supporting the local economy shines through her work. As LifeSaver Simplified continues to grow, it promises to be an invaluable resource for business owners seeking a balance between operational efficiency and a healthy work-life balance. For more information and to stay updated on her services, follow LifeSaver Simplified on Instagram @lifesaver_simplified and connect with Mercie May on LinkedIn at A website will be available soon, offering further insights into how we can support your business’s HR needs.

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