The Passion Came Early

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Matthew Kline - Small Business Showcase Magazine

Written by Matthew Kline

November 1, 2023

Matt Kline’s passion for filmmaking began in childhood, creating skits with his grade school friends. From there, the flame never stopped. By no means was it an A to B journey. There were uncertain times while growing up, but the passion for filmmaking never subsided. Here is Matt’s story in his own words:

Miles Media - Small Business Showcase Magazine

I went on to fan the flames in high school, joining the broadcasting department, learning more about editing, and how to operate a camera.

I went on to college producing TV commercials and social media videos. While in college, I even made commercials for small businesses. [Southwestern Michigan College] From there, I took an internship at a local media company, where I learned much about commercial video production. Currently, I am working for Miles Media and became their first in-house video editor. Miles Media Inc. first started in 2015 as a feature film production company, producing films for Amazon, Sony, Netflix, and many other platforms.

Our Hollywood experience and knowledge inspired us to get into commercial production which then quickly grew into a full-service production and marketing company. I saw this as a great opportunity to be the first in-house editor for a business that was quickly growing. Over the years, I went from being just an editor, to being our lead director of photography, and now, I am currently our production supervisor. I’ve been in that position over the last five years. 

As a company, the passion was simple: Miles Media was to tell great stories, provide great solutions for our clients, and to provide inspiring content. For me personally, video production and film were things that I always knew I wanted to do. But the person who really inspired me to pursue this career was a buddy of mine who made it big on YouTube with several viral videos. Courtlan Gordon was the same friend I created videos with growing up. It inspired me to look into this as a career. Seeing how successful he was, helped me to keep motivated and inspired me to chase my dreams.

Personally, throughout my life, I have faced many obstacles. From growing up with a single mother, moving from house to house, struggling financially, life hasn’t always been easy. Professionally, I have dealt with failure and making mistakes throughout my career. I must say, however, going through all of that has really shaped me into the person I am today. Some advice I would give someone considering my line of work is to “just do it”; (to coin a popular tagline). What I mean by that is; I encourage people to grab a camera, film something, and edit it. It may not be good the first time, and it probably won’t even be good the 5th time, but over time, your craft will continue to get better and better. 

This job is really about repetition and just throwing yourself in there. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, or to fail because those are the greatest ways to learn and to grow both professionally and personally. Also, do research; and do not be afraid to ask questions. Learn how social media and new digital technologies provide more opportunities for your customers to make digital video marketing easier and more affordable. The endgame is to showcase the business locally and nationally. The advancement of technology has given us the ability to create more effective creative, and elaborate content for our clients. At Miles Media, we strive to create a headache-free process. 

I would also highly recommend finding a mentor in your field to give you guidance. It may be hard at times, but never give up. 

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