Unleashing the Power of Senses in Guerrilla Marketing

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Andy Garza

Unleashing the Power of Senses in Guerrilla Marketing

As the founder of Guerrillapedia, I’ve made it my mission to unravel the secrets of guerrilla marketing, uncovering tactics that defy convention and captivate audiences. In our journey thus far, we’ve explored mindsets, dimensions, and now, we’re diving into the realm of the senses.

In the world of marketing, sight and sound have long been reigning champions. But what if I told you there’s a third sense that could revolutionize your brand’s impact? Let me share a personal anecdote from my company, Big Gorilla Sales and Marketing Training, to illustrate this point.

When discussing guerrilla marketing, I make it a point to hand out business cards adorned with black fur. “It’s genuine faux gorilla fur,” I jest. But beneath the humor lies a strategic move: engaging the sense of touch. Even though it’s faux fur, the tactile sensation triggers emotions, particularly in the limbic cortex, ensuring my brand leaves a lasting imprint.

Beyond touch, let’s talk about smell and taste. Remember the iconic taste test campaigns of Coke versus Pepsi? They didn’t just tantalize taste buds; they ignited consumer curiosity and solidified brand identities. Taste tests, once ubiquitous in grocery stores, epitomized guerrilla marketing at its finest, enticing customers with samples and coupons.

Smell presents its own challenges but offers immense potential, especially in industries like aromatherapy. The right scent can evoke powerful emotions and drive purchasing decisions, making it a valuable asset for savvy marketers.

In essence, it’s crucial to leverage all five senses in marketing endeavors. While sight and sound dominate, the real magic lies in integrating touch, taste, and smell. As we eagerly anticipate our next issue’s exploration of emotions, remember: in guerrilla marketing, creativity knows no bounds. It’s about crafting unforgettable experiences that resonate deeply with consumers.

So, fellow marketers, let’s harness the power of our senses and embark on a journey where innovation knows no limits and every sensation becomes a strategic tool in our arsenal.

Join me in our next issue as we delve into the fascinating realm of emotions, where the real fun begins.

Andy Garza is well known as the Guru of Guerrilla Marketing. He has over 30 years of experience using Guerrilla Marketing to launch 4 businesses. Andy has also reached top-level sales status in 4 different industries including Flooring, Auto, Furniture, and Senior Financial Planning. Presently the President and CEO of Big Gorilla Sales and Marketing Training, Andy has become a sought-after speaker for entrepreneurial groups, including a featured speaker for Notre Dame’s Entrepreneurship and Adversity Program as well as his own training seminars in both Marketing and Guerrilla Sales.

Andy has extensive experience in Magazine Publishing having owned New Homeowners Guide and Senior Financial Digest. Now one of the Founding Partners and the President of Small Business Showcase.

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